Integration approach

'quikformz' works on open standard which makes it easy to integrate with any technology of your preference. The application's dynamic nature gives flexibility to design decisions rather than forcing in-built workflows.

'quikformz' is built on Multitier architecture, which complies with today's Enterprises. Integration capabilities of quikformz using web service API's allow inter-operates with other systems. 'quikformz' supports a variety of hardware and application server options.

'quikformz' Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivers application to user as soon as the mobile device is functional. All software hardware chaos is managed seamlessly so that user can focus on business.


'quikformz' covers almost all mobile technologies which can be implemented as per your enterprise mobile policy. It supports all browsers from HTML5 to XHTML-MP mark-ups, essentially on any mobile phone, Bluetooth device or Tablet.

Native : quikformz supports all major native operating systems such as Android, iOS.

Hybrid :€“ quikformz builds mobile web and native apps from same environment by integrating web and native apps together and offer flexibility of hybrid app development.

Web service Application Programming Interfaces (API's) are exposed for integration activities.


'quikformz' runs essentially on any device from smart phones to tablets to Desktop's to featured phones.

Smart Phones

  • Android
  • iOS


  • Android
  • iOS


  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS